With Dmail, This Email Will Self-Destruct In Five Minutes

Do you use Gmail? Do you use Chrome? Are you ever so slightly paranoid about your email communications? If you are not paranoid, do you instead often find yourself wishing that you could un-ring some bells and make some sent mails disappear off into the ether? Then perhaps Dmail is for you.

Dmail allows you to, post facto, destroy an email. It doesn’t turn the whole of your Gmail into a ticking time bomb – you have to choose to toggle Dmail for each email you want to send in that fashion. You can set it up to self-destruct within a specific time frame, a la ‘Mission Impossible,’ or you can just decide well after the fact that the whole idea of sending it was bad and revoke access to it, even if the person on the other end has already read it.

If both you and your recipient have Dmail installed, emails look just like regular Gmail. If your recipient doesn’t, they get a link to the message instead of the message – which is why you can disappear the message from their inbox down the line if you want.

Reviews on the Chrome web store make clear that there are still some kinks to be worked out, but if you are looking for a way to occasionally send secure email without a lot of complications, Dmail might be your thing.

Featured image: “sending an explosive message concept illustration design” from Shutterstock.`

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