Unique Client Appreciation with Etsy

‘Tis the season for recognizing and appreciating the ones who have supported your work this year. Before sending out a generic card, think about the difference in impact that you could accomplish by sending a unique, home made gift from Etsy.

This is one of my favorite sites  – I regularly find amazing items that allow me to support small businesses across the country that I would not otherwise have contact with. It is also possible to search for items locally, so if you prefer to keep your business close to home it is possible to find sellers near you. By sending these ideas instead of more generic store-bought gifts you imply that you have spent more time and consideration in your choice. You can take it a step further with your key clients or colleagues by adding their name and/or company name since many of these gift ideas are available for customization.

10 Ideas for Business Holiday Gifts

I have compiled ten items that are all less than $20 that would each make for a great gift.

Gift tags

Any gift that can help your clients in a pinch is always a great idea like nice little gift tags so that they can be sure to get proper credit. There are many great options if you do a simple search in Etsy, but I like these gift tags that are particularly colorful and inexpensive.


For the avid reader on your list, a bookmark like this is another useful item that will also serve as a great marketing item as it reminds your colleague of you. Another plus is that you can find some amazing bookmarks for a not-amazing budget.

Wintery Fine Art

If your client mentioned that they are a fan of photography, illustrations, or watercolors find something seasonal and appropriate to show you were listening. I like this wintery photo since the size could be used in a variety of ways.


Holiday or seasonal ornaments are perfect since they can be found in so many styles, colors and represent every kind of hobby. This colorful acorn felt ornament is a cute handmade item that can be displayed anywhere. It is also priced reasonable enough to buy a few.


Under normal circumstances calendars are about as boring as it gets. Finding a calendar that represents your style or possibly an interest of your client’s can turn this into an outstanding gift that is referenced throughout the year. I particularly like the artwork of this bird couples calendar.

Homemade balsam fir candle

Create a little ambiance with some candle light and smell of a fir tree. A high quality candle like this soy wax homemade candle with good ingredients is a nearly universal gift and puts the smell of Christmas in the air! This seller also offers free gift packaging!

Wine Stopper

Wine related gifts are another area that are gender-neutral and always appreciated. This helpful glass wine stopper will remind your clients of your thoughtfulness each time they are able to use it and save the remainder of a great bottle of wine. This is another gift that gives the opportunity to display your knowledge about a client’s interests.

Better than the normal cookies

Good food is almost always a hit. However, some of your clients are going to be receiving a number of gifts from their vendors and partners at their office so the goal is to stand out from the typical basket of pears.


The macaron is the latest trend in the foodie world and for good reason. This delictable dessert is slightly crunchy outside and melt-in-your-mouth wonderful chewy center. They are usually featured fabulous gourmet flavors such as this box of holiday flavored macarons.


The smell of opening a box of gingersnaps will provide an amazing sensory experience for your clients, not to mention the taste. These hand made gingersnaps look like they would taste like snack time at the North Pole.

Homemade Jam

Jam or preserves are great since they are a comfort food and tend to stick around for a little while. This huckleberry jam is also sugar-free so could be a great gift for the health conscious clients on your list. If you are ordering a few jars ask the seller if they will customize their label with your company’s name.

Being thoughtful and recognizing your clients doesn’t have to break your budget. Keeping your expenses in check will also help you to enjoy the holiday season in full—and you can enter the new year free of spending woes. Happy holidays!

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