What is the point of technology?

Unless you have a Gizmodo-esque fetish for gadgets and gizmos, you may wonder why you need to get tech’d up. And you do.

Efficiency. The practice of law is changing, especially for solo and small firm practioners. The large-overhead model law office, with a receptionist, legal secretary or paralegal, a lot of paper, and dictation/transcription equipment is a dinosaur in its death throes. The goal of a solo lawyer today should be to run a streamlined, stripped-down practice. Technology allows you to do this. With technology you can work faster and more efficiently, freeing up your free time and providing more value to your clients.

Technology also allows you to work more comfortably. If efficiency should be the first goal of a tech-savvy law office, portability should be the second. Work where you want, when you want. No more calling your secretary to ask her to fax a copy of a document to the nearest fax machine. You should have it with you already on your laptop. Just e-mail it to opposing counsel. Or if you are frequently saddled with Luddite opposing counsel, carry a portable printer or use the internet to print to the nearest printer.

It takes careful adoption and use of technology, but the solo or small firm practitioner today is a compact, streamlined, and stripped-down lawyer, and good tech solutions is really the only way to accomplish that.

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