The Best iPhone Case You Can Buy

The Lifeproof iPhone case is the best iPhone case on the market. It literally protects your iPhone from everything. This includes dirt, water, and concrete. That’s right, it’s waterproof. That’s something even an Otterbox can’t compete with. But that’s just the beginning of why you should buy a Lifeproof case right now.

Extremely Thin

Hands down the best part about the Lifeproof iPhone case is how thin it is. Unlike other protective cases, Lifeproof adds almost no weight or bulk to the phone. I can fit this phone in the breast pocket of all my suits and it barely creates a bulge.

Before I got the Lifeproof case I had an OtterBox. I will give the Otterbox credit in that it definitely protected my phone from several drops. It also came with a belt clip which, although not very fashionable, was easy to clip to an armband for running. Unfortunately, the case literally made my phone into a brick. It looked like an old school Gameboy. I could barely fit the phone into a pair of jeans, and a suit pocket was completely out of the question.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The Lifeproof case is all black. It has no frills, no Hello Kitty pictures or a hole to display your phone’s Apple logo. Instead it is purely utilitarian. This means the case makes your phone look subtle. When you pull it out of your pocket it just looks like a phone. It doesn’t look like you borrowed your little brother’s iPhone, and it doesn’t scream for attention. These are all big plusses in my book, and would make me consider the Lifeproof case even without the extreme protection it offers.

Full Use of iPhone Features

The Lifeproof case uses a plastic screen shield, headphone jack cover, and a dock port cover to waterproof the phone and fully protect it from dust or dropping. Nonetheless, you can still use all the functions of the phone while it is in the case, including the camera. With the screen over the face of the iPhone, there is a slight adjustment period. It is slightly less sensitive than a naked iPhone, but completely manageable. It is still much more sensitive than my phone was in the Otterbox.

Potential Issues

This wouldn’t be a full review if I didn’t point out a few issues with the Lifeproof case. First of all, the port protectors can make your life difficult. The headphone port cannot be used by any headphones that don’t have a straight-down headphone jack. If you’re using the standard Apple headphones, you won’t have any issues. But if your headphones have an L-bend for the plug, you’re going to be annoyed. The case comes with a headphone adapter, so you can still use your them, but the adapter hangs from the iPhone like a dongle.

The dock connector port on the bottom of the phone is also problematic. It is solely designed to fit Apple sized plugs. You may not notice it now, but almost all other plugs for the iPhone are slightly bigger. I went about five months and just used my Apple branded charger. Last week I finally dropped $20 on an adapter so I can charge the phone in my car. So if you only charge your phone in your car, or use a cable to connect your iPhone to anything besides your computer, keep in mind you may need an adapter.

Finally, the mute toggle on this case is a little annoying. Since the whole thing is covered, there is no indication of whether or not your phone is on silent. If your phone is jailbroken you can display that information in the top menu bar of the phone. Until a jailbreak was recently released for the iPhone 4 I was constantly checking and double checking to make sure my phone was on vibrate and not ring. If a phone goes off in court my judge makes that person buy pizza for the whole courtroom (a threat he has never followed through with).

Despite these flaws, the Lifeproof case is worth the hefty $80 price tag. It will protect your phone from spills, drops, and dust. When a replacement phone can cost up to $800, I think the $80 investment is well worth it.


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