Use Taskforce with Gmail to Increase Productivity

There are plenty of different methods of organizing your day—a calendar, practice management software, or creating your own workplan. The bottom line is that you should use whatever works for you.

If you like to organize your day based around your Gmail account, try using Taskforce.

How does it work?

Taskforce is a free extension that works with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox and integrates into your Gmail account. Although there has been lots of chatter on Lawyerist about the security of using Gmail as an attorney, I still highly recommend that solos and small firms use Gmail.

Taskforce integrates into your Gmail homescreen. You can add tasks manually by clicking on add task and then type in the task and a brief description (if desired). You can set a due date, add collaborators, set a delay date (not recommended), and create lists to organize your various tasks. For example, you could create a list of things that need to get done today and another list of marketing tasks that do not have a set due date.

Taskforce also allows you to create tasks directly from e-mails, simply click on either “convert to task” or “add to existing task” within the message window. By default, it uses the subject of the e-mail as the task name, but you can edit or rename if desired.

Why you should use it

It’s free, it works well, and it is easy to use. For the most part, I use my Google calendar to organize my day and make sure certain tasks get done. The downside to this approach is that it forces me to handle a task whenever a scheduled it. The upside is that then I actually do it.

Taskforce makes it even easier to create a list, whether you do it manually or by simply converting e-mails into tasks. Rather than force yourself to do certain tasks at given time, you can simply go through your task list as the day progresses.

I really like being able to create a list of “things to do later.” As noted above, this is a perfect place for making notes about changes to your website or scheduling a marketing lunch. Of course, be sure to refer to this list regularly.

If you use Gmail, give Taskforce a shot, it should help you organize your day and increase productivity.


  1. I just tried it, and couldn’t get it to work. It wouldn’t log me in on chrome, safari, or firefox.

    Not ready for prime time. I’m not going to trust my data to a company that might not be there tomorrow.

  2. Avatar Dave S says:

    I’ve used the Taskforce App for a few days now. It worked with Chrome. It’s pretty basic– not sure it does much more than the Gmail task list (other than you can convert an email into a Taskforce task, but I found I’m editing the “task” note in Taskforce anyway, so does it save time???).

    For a free app, it’s decent. But, to become more useful, they’ll want to add more functionality. For example, sync it with Google Calendar or better yet, with Windows.

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