Sync Your Smartphone Notes to the Cloud

Taking notes on the go can be a big pain. When you take notes by hand, you still need to take your legal pad back to the office and either scan the page. Sending yourself an e-mail is a decent alternative, but then you still need to get that e-mail into the file.

If you need to take a quick note on the move, there are a couple of smartphone apps worth checking out.

Sync to Dropbox with Nebulous Notes

Nebulous Notes is a simple text editor app that has the added bonus of syncing with Dropbox. There is nothing fancy about the app, it just makes it easy to write notes without worrying about formatting. Once you are done typing your note, click on the upload button, and you can upload the file directly into an folder in Dropbox.

For example, if you have a “notes” folder for every client, you can upload your text file directly into that folder. One downside is that you cannot choose a filename using Nebulous Notes, you have to go into Dropbox on your desktop to rename the file.

There is a security concern with linking your Dropbox to a third-party app. The company’s stated privacy policy is that they do not communicate with any servers other than Dropbox and they do not even store your password on your smartphone. Even so, proceed with caution if using this app to sync with Dropbox.

Nebulous Notes is only available for the iPhone and has a free version with ads, or a paid version for $1.99 without ads.

Evernote will sync across all devices

If you do not have an iPhone or want to try something more robust, consider Evernote. Evernote is available on almost every smartphone platform and it is also free. As an added bonus, Evernote will sync all of your notes across any devices that have Evernote on them. If your phone and computer both have Evernote, all those notes will show up in both places.

Although Evernote will not allow you to drop files directly into specific folders, there is at least one workaround that allows you to sync all your Evernote notes into Dropbox.

Unfortunately, this will just sync all your Evernote files into one folder in Dropbox, instead of putting specific files in specific folders. At the same time, this alternative does not involve the same security risks as giving a third-party app access to your entire Dropbox.



  1. Avatar Mindy says:

    Good to know! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Avatar Chris_H says:

    I’m telling you: I needed a simple text editor that I could just link to on my phone’s browser (put “/edit” at the end of your note’s address), on my work computer, on my laptop, and it’s been awesome. Granted, it’s designed for programmers … but it archives all my revisions, is pw protected if you want it to be, etc, and no hassle with this app stuff.

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