Slow Computer? Get a Kick-Start with Soluto

Emerging technologies have made it easier to do almost everything from your computer these days. One persistent problem, however, is slow boot times, and computers that seem to drag along for half the day. If you find yourself frustrated by a slow computer, give Soluto a try.

Triage your boot process

Perhaps the biggest aggravation is a computer that takes fifteen minutes to boot. Many people try to avoid this by never turning their computer off. Wrong. You should try to log out or shut down at least once a week for optimum performance.

If you restart regularly and are still suffering from a slow computer, Soluto can identify any applications that are running when your computer boots up. In many cases, you will notice a number of applications or programs that you either do not use, or do not need to use. Disabling these applications will help speed the boot process. Soluto can also point you to tips from other users about how to modify your settings to boot faster.

While you should always approach other users’ wisdom with caution, it is certainly better than nothing. In many cases, another user’s suggestion may be just what it takes to get things running smoothly again.

Evaluate your daily use

Soluto can also run after the boot process, to help you figure out what is dragging down your system. Just like the boot process, it can pinpoint what program is doing what, and it can show you other users’ tips on how to fix that particular issue. Again, approach the tips with caution. At the same time, if every other user did the same thing as you, and it worked, you are probably doing the right thing.

Soluto calls itself “anti-frustration software,” and it appears to be just that.


  1. Avatar James Miller says:

    Or, you could just stop using Windows, switch to Mac or Linux, and take comfort that your operating system just ‘works.’

    Any computer with a 15 min boot time has something seriously wrong with it. My old Pentium-3 Dell that runs as a Linux file server takes about 45 seconds to fully boot.

  2. Avatar Randall R. says:

    I use a Mac, and I find Windows as perplexing as Strunk and White. That said, the vast majority of Lawyerist readers (and lawyers) use Windows. Soluto looks like a great program, especially because it creates a community of knowledge.

  3. Avatar Larry Rose says:

    Try CCleaner, as well. Does the same thing quite well (

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