Should Lawyers Use Fastcase on the iPad?

A few months ago, Fastcase released an app for the iPhone. The app itself worked well, but I thought it had limited utility. The are now on the verge of releasing an app for the iPad. If you use an iPad in your practice, should you be using the Fastcase app?

Reading cases

One of my biggest complaints about the iPhone app is that I did not think anyone would want to read cases on their phone. The iPad, however, is designed as more of a consumption device—reading is one of functions it was designed for.

I do, however, have one major concern. I rarely read cases without taking notes. With the iPad, I am not sure how you would take notes on the case while reading on your lap. I suppose you could have a notepad, but then you would just have to type up your notes later. If Fastcase adds a note taking function, or even just a highlighting function, that would really enhance the application.

Use in the courtroom

I do not have an iPad, but when I have one, I plan on using it in the courtroom. I think this is where the Fastcase app would really shine.

It would be nice to be able to pull up the rules of civil procedure, or a certain case, during oral arguments. I usually end up doing both on my laptop. The downside, however, to my laptop is that I do not have internet access. Even if I download the cases I think I might need, sometimes you need something else that is not on your computer.

Admittedly, one workaround is to get internet service on a laptop, either through tethering or a data plan. I envision it being that much simpler to have the rules of civil procedure on an iPad, instead of my laptop. Then again, maybe I am just saying that because I want an iPad.

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