Send Certified Mail from Your Computer

certifiedmailNow you can print certified mail labels from your desktop, which can make you more productive by eliminating trips to the post office. Especially if you live in Minnesota, avoiding trips to the post office in the winter is a good thing.

How it works

Enter the addressee and return address information on‘s website, then print out a label. The labels can be printed on standard paper, folded, and placed in window envelopes the company provides. Drop it in a mailbox, and you can elect to receive an email alert when the return receipt has been delivered.


The service costs 35 cents for a #10 envelope. Larger 9 x 12 envelopes cost 50 cents. The company’s website indicates accounts are typically setup like a postage meter.

The service seems like a nice alternative to driving to the post office and could make up for the increase in postage cost by saving you time.


  1. Avatar A Literate Legal Secretary says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t think this will work if you need proof of mailing rather than just proof of delivery. If the letter is not delivered, whether because of an outdated address or because the recipient declined to accept it, I think the sender would still need the postmarked receipt to prove the letter was mailed.

  2. Avatar Harry Styron says:

    Literate Legal Secretary makes a good point. If service of a summons or a notice by certified mail is permitted by statute, or required by a lease or other contract, proof of mailing is sometimes all you’ve got, if the receipt is never signed. Because of Jones v. Flowers, 547 US 220 (2006), having a good record of what happens with certified mail can be especially crucial.

    There is other certified mail software available which includes the green return card. Even for relatively low volumes of certified mail, using any software to prepare certified mail is cost effective.

  3. Avatar Brendan C. says:

    If you’re really looking to avoid trips to the post office, check out I’ve been using them for all our mail for about 4 months now and it is fantastic. I’m going to be out of town quite a bit in January, and since they digitize all my mail and electronically deposit my checks no interruption to business. For lawyers they provide a certified time lines of mail delivery and scanning. Definitely worth a look, especially for lawyers that are on the road a lot.

  4. Avatar Andrew Newmark says:

    As a co-founder of, I wanted to respond to your question. We realize that some users require “Proof of Acceptance” by the USPS, either because certain statutes require it, or because certain firms require it in for liability concerns. The good news is that we are in the final stages of testing a new feature for our service that enables you to print a a USPS “Scan Form” in your office that the postal carrier scans (in your office) and results in an electronic “Proof of Acceptance” that appears in your account on our web service, and is the legal equivalent of the red rubber stamp you can get on a PS3800 form at the post office counter. Scan Forms have been in use for Priority Mail for years, but it took quite a long time for the USPS to extend this capability to Certified Mail. But now it’s here, and by adding this capability to our service, we can say that we’ve now improved upon every aspect of Certified Mail, eliminating all the clumsy forms, and eliminating the need to travel to the Post Office. We’re documenting the Scan Form capability this week and if you send me your email ( I’ll send the new User Guide to you when it’s complete. Or you can visit our site next week, and download the user guide from the Support section. We should have the feature turned on by the middle of January. Hope that helps.

  5. Avatar Andrew Newmark says:

    Oops. I spoke too soon. Looks like it will be a little longer. I’ll post when it’s all set.

  6. Avatar Robert Louque says:

    @ Andrew. The envelopes come pre-loaded with postage, are we billed for postage, or is postage added by me with my postage meter? If the receipient refuses to accept, do we get the letter returned to us to show the refusal? In some cases, the refusal constitutes service here (rare, but there are provisions for this here).

    @ Brendan. Aren’t you concerned about client confidentiality? If I understand correctly, all your mail goes to earthclass, they scan and process it, and then they destroy it or whatever afterward?

  7. Avatar Warren Willard says:

    The simplicity and ease of use of SimplyCertifiedMail is outstanding. Eliminating trips (liability, lost productivity) to the Post Office, waiting in lines, side trips (Starbucks) on the way back to the office more than covers the low cost of this service. To me it’s a no-brainer.

  8. Avatar Andrew Newmark says:

    To answer Robert’s questions, with our service you can mail your Certified Mail item in one of the #10, 6×9 or 9×12 “window” envelopes that we provide for free, or you can print on sheet labels that fit nicely on 9×12 or larger envelopes and packages. In all cases, postage is applied by your PC and printer. You log in to our service, enter the recipient’s name and address, then select the number of pages or the weight of your Certified Mail document, and our service calculates the proper postage, which is printed, along with the address data and Certified Mail bar codes, on plain pager (to be folded into the window envelope, or on a label to be applied to your own larger envelope or package. Once mailed, our service keeps track of your Certified Mail item, so you know when it’s been delivered, or refused. If the item is returned to you, that is also tracked by our service. Delivery records like this are maintained for 7 years, plus you can download them to your own server or PC. For more information, visit our web site.

  9. Avatar David Patterson says:

    It sounds like Andrew has a pretty good service. We also offer a similar (yet different) service that allows individuals to upload one or many documents. Then we print them, fold them, insert them into special Certified Mail envelopes, take them to the Post Office for you and track them online at our website. We capture every scan that the Post Office makes, including acceptance and maintain the information online longer than the Post Office does. We also capture the electronic signatures and match them up to the letters you send so that everything is in a single location. You can send one or two at a time at, or if you need to send hundreds regularly or even thousands at one time, you may want to use the LetterStream bulk Certified Mail service.

  10. Avatar Gary Brown says:

    If your sending compliance or demand letters by UPS Certified Mail is an online letter mailing service that can help you automate compliance letter mailing. Ideal for Attorneys, Financial Services, Mortgage Servicers, Foreclosure Attorneys, Trustees, Insurance Providers, Code Enforcement, State and Local Agencies and more. You get next day USPS letter tracking with proof of delivery and returned letter image service processing. Call us to see how easy Send Certified Mail can be 800-406-1792. No more forms, labels or monthly minimums. No long term contracts or equipment to buy.

  11. Avatar R.Bennet says:

    I’m concerned about using a service that prints out letters. Most certified mail needs to be confidential; how am I to know that sensitive information isn’t going to be misused?

  12. Avatar Dan G says:

    I love this idea because our post office lines are longer than ever. I decided to go with a similar service ( because they allow funding your account with a credit card. I don’t mind paying a little more to be able to use the credit card with its inherent protections. I’m just ordering envelopes today (wish I had them to send my tax returns right now) so I’ll have them here at home next time I need to send tax returns or legal notices to tenants.

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