“The Rule of Law Will be Handed Off to Someone Else”

Toby Brown reflects on his experience speaking to the National Conference of Bar Presidents:

For a long time I have held out hope that the legal profession would step up and address the needs of the market: for both lawyers and clients. After this experience, I have come to the hard conclusion: That is not going to happen.

The future is probably insurance companies or banks doing your legal work. Maybe Walmart or, if we’re lucky, Target.

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  1. Avatar 55YearBroncoFan says:

    I don’t buy the alleged shortage of competent legal help for people who cannot afford it. Proponents of various schemes for licensing nonlawyers to practice “limited” law allege there is such a shortage.

    Notwithstanding that some law schools have established programs for supervised law students to provide legal help to people who need it and courts have set up such programs, it seems forgotten that law schools have graduated scores of JDs during the last few years. Many of them are having trouble finding jobs. So why not harness these individuals? Enlist mentors, if needed. The public deserves the best the legal industry can provide them.

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