On the Road? Apps For the Road Warrior Attorney

If you frequently travel via air and find yourself waking up in a new city every week, consider using TripIt to make traveling that much easier.

If you travel by land and find yourself driving around town to meet clients, to various courts hearings, or even just commuting to and from work, check out some of these smartphone apps.

Android users, check out Tasker

Tasker can be programmed for all sorts of tasks (not necessarily limited to driving). It can do tasks based on your location. For example, when you approach your car in the parking ramp, it will automatically send a text to your significant other to let them know you are leaving.

You can also program it, based on location, to start reading any text messages you receive out loud. Helpful for keeping your eyes on the road.

Another useful app is called ParkDroid. The app can help you find parking ramps or spots and it will also remember where you parked. To top it off, it can also remind you when your meter is about to run out. Great stuff for the mobile attorney.

iPhone users should try AAA TripTik

TripTik can help you find the nearest gas station and also let you know what the current prices are. If you find yourself constantly driving to new locations, that is an excellent feature to have in your pocket.

The app also provides voice navigation so that you can keep your eyes on the road instead on your phone. If you shake your phone, the app will tell you what your next turn should be. Very nice.

Of course, use all of these apps with caution—and keep your eyes on the road!


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