Keep Your Resume in Hand for Better Networking

iBooks, the free e-book reader for iPhone, now allows you to save PDF files onto your phone. Now that you’ve polished up your resume, I will show you how to turn it into a .pdf and put it on your iPhone or iPod touch with all the proper metadata. Having easy access to your resume will allow you to distribute it at networking functions, job interviews, or whenever the need arises.

Turn Your Resume into a PDF

If you’re using Microsoft Word 2007, you will need to download a free plug–in to save your resume as a .pdf. Using Word 2010 or anything on a Mac? Then you’re in good shape. In Word 2010 simply go to File->Save As->.pdf. If you’re using a Mac go to the print menu and on the lower left side of the print dialog there is a .pdf option.

Get Your Resume into iTunes

When I first started writing this post, I was concerned that getting the resume into iTunes would require complicated work arounds. I was dead wrong. All you have to do is drag the .pdf into the “Books” category in iTunes, and it goes right in.

Once you have your resume in iTunes, you can edit it like any other song. Right click and then select “Get Info.” Click to change the title to something appropriate, and put your name in for the artist.

Network with Style

You will now have your resume on your iPhone or iPod Touch wherever you go. From within iBooks you can e-mail your resume with just two clicks.

At a networking function? Now you don’t need to wait until you get home to send that hiring partner your resume. Heck, if they have a smartphone they can probably open it right there and do a mini interview on the spot.

Of course you already know to be prepared for an interview and bring a spare copy of your resume. But we all make mistakes. Now if you get there and they’ve lost yours, you can easily e-mail it to the interviewer with a few clicks.


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  1. Avatar TheGooch says:

    I’ve encountered several employers/staffing firms that only accept MS Word format. They will usually tell me this after I send it to them in PDF format.

    So how would store and email my resume in MS Word format?

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