ROSS: Artificial Intelligence–Powered Legal Research

ROSS is a Toronto, Canada startup that promises to answer legal questions using IBM’s Watson super computer.

  1. ROSS provides you a highly relevant answer, not 1000s of results, to your question posed in natural language, not keywords.
  2. ROSS monitors the law for changes that can positively/negatively affect your case, instead of flooding you with legal news.
  3. ROSS learns the more you and other lawyers use it.

Watson, if you need a refresher, is the computer that won Jeopardy. IBM recently made Watson available to college students (you can see a showcase of all 8 participants), and it looks like ROSS’s founders, recent law-shool graduate Andrew Arruda and college student and serial entrepreneur Jimoh Ovbiagele, jumped at the opportunity.

More from the Globe and Mail:

“When we are short of time, we just say it is Siri for lawyers,” says Ross team software engineer Jimoh Ovbiagele, 21, referring to the Apple iPhone’s talking concierge program. He adds that “Watson is a lot smarter than Siri.”

You can watch an early version of the app in action:


Want to learn more about ROSS Intelligence and other online legal research tools? We have a portal for that.

(h/t Ron Friedman via Sarah Glassmeyer and Jordan Furlong)

Featured image: “Vintage tin toy robot” from Shutterstock.

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