Your New Competition: Non-Lawyers

From the ABA Journal:

The first practice area in which LLLTs [in Washington state] will be licensed is domestic relations. Cummings and 14 others have taken the required courses and will sit for a licensing examination in March. The state will begin licensing those who pass in the spring.

In addition to Washington, non-lawyers are doing some of the work traditionally reserved for lawyers in New York, and California is actively exploring non-lawyer licensing. Other states are starting to take an interest, as well.

Also in what-used-to-be-UPL news, LegalZoom recently became approved to provide legal services as an Alternative Business Structure in the UK. Expect it to try to figure out ways to do the same thing in the US.


  1. Avatar Richard says:

    Successful businesses do competitive assessments to know their market and make informed decisions about how their business should stand out in a market. Attorneys who do not adjust their positioning, service model(s), and billing based on non-lawyer competitors will have a tough time maintaining their practices in the future.

  2. Avatar Brinsley Scwartz says:

    Lawyers have priced themselves out of the market for most consumers. Couple that with questionable competence and, all too often, poor social skills and it’s no surprise that consumers of legal services are turning to other sources of legal assistance.

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