NetDocuments Paves the Way for Office Integration on Mobile and in the Cloud

Even though lawyers have embraced Office on mobile devices and in the cloud for some time, document management has struggled to catch up. Most document management software is still built for the desktop (and I’m including practice management software with document management features, like Smokeball, LEAP, AbacusLaw, and so on). That means documents can leak out of the document management system and live only on employees’ mobile devices and Office Online.

With NetDocuments’s latest update, the cloud-based document management system begins to plug that leak. Now, you can open documents from the Office apps. In Word, for example, tap Open, then … More, and select the NetDocuments folder to see your documents. This is a start, and what comes next will be an even bigger deal.

Soon, NetDocuments will release a direct connection like you can currently do only with OneDrive, Dropbox, SharePoint sites, and a few other providers. NetDocument will become fully integrated so you can open your documents in all the Office apps—on your computer, on your mobile device, and even in the Office Online web apps.

This should make it a lot more convenient to use a document management system, and it should help alleviate firms’ fear of losing control of information. Well, firms that use NetDocuments, at least.


  1. Avatar Adam Singer says:

    Do you recommend NetDocuments or Smokeball for document management for a firm using Clio? I understand both options link to Clio and that Smokeball offers document automation whereas NetDocuments offers more comprehensive document management?

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