Moving a Paperless Office is a Breeze

paperlessofficemovingThere are approximately eight million reasons why a paperless law office is a great idea—and moving is one of them.

My firm relocated yesterday and all told, the move took approximately two hours. There was no U-Haul filled with tons of banker boxes. No awkward maneuvering with a dolly to transport heavy file cabinets. No mad scramble to reorganize countless files once we got to our new location. Most importantly, no concerns about being able to find open files that needed attention yesterday afternoon.

When you are paperless, moving your office should consist of unplugging your computer and scanner and then plugging both in at the new location. There should be maybe one box of client files containing original signatures, but that’s it. You can be up and running in minutes—and your back will thank you as well.

(photo: The Eggplant)

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  1. Avatar China Lawyer says:

    I hear ya and that is why I basically keep my entire office on my laptop, backed up on our network and on my own portable hard drive. I like everything in one place and completely portable. This has gotten easier over the years as more and more things have gone online.

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