Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint Come To Android For Real This Time

Where Microsoft’s core Office apps have been free for iOS for a couple months now, Android users have had to cool their heels until yesterday, when Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint finally showed up on the Google Play store. There is limited functionality unless you opt for a Microsoft 365 subscription, but you should still be able to view, edit and create documents on your Android tablet. (You are forgiven for wondering if this is old news, since the previews of these apps appeared in the Android store back in November, but these are apparently the finished deal.)

Microsoft also dropped the Outlook app for both iOS and Android yesterday, but in true Microsoft fashion, that sounds much more complicated.

Microsoft today launched Outlook for Android and iOS phones and tablets, based on the application it acquired when it bought Acompli last December. […]

In the long run, these new apps will replace all of Microsoft’s current (and somewhat confusing) range of Outlook-branded apps, including the app for Android and the rather limited OWA apps for Android and iOS that only work for paying Office 365 subscribers.

Got it. Maybe.

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