How to Promote Your Pro Bono Project with Gangsta Rap

No, I am not kidding with that headline. See for yourself:

The video was previously mentioned on Legal Cheek and Above the Law, but “EPM” (Eric Mirabel) wasn’t happy with the coverage. He says his reason for doing the video was not to promote his IP law practice, but to promote the pro-bono offer that appears for 7 seconds at the beginning of the video:


Here’s how Mirabel described his motivation for doing the video to me:

I’m EPM not [only] because I’m Eric P Mirabel but because it stands for Extraordinarily Positive Motivation. I have a pro bono program to help injured veterans establish a business venture by doing all legal work to get them a patent (or trademark). All veterans orgs refused to even respond to my suggestions I collaborate with them, so I have to do my own promotion to reach all those veterans who are in need (ie., who want to raise money for their project, which is what a patent does). “A man does not dream of bread when he’s starving, but of the grandest meal he’s ever eaten.” (by Some Russian author I read when young). Other lawyers are there to fill out benefit forms for them already. I’m here to get them a piece of the American Dream.

As for why he didn’t mention anything about his pro bono offer in the video:

I don’t mention veterans in my “song” because it’s a gansta rap parody/tribute, and the possible topics are: money, bling, hos; or “professional achievements” (usually in drug dealing or rapping – mine is in lawyering).

Regardless, you’ve got to appreciate the footnoted lyrics. Since they did not already appear on RapGenius, I went ahead and remedied that. Here they are, for your consideration and annotation:

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