Make Your Smartphone Work For You

iPhones are fairly popular among lawyers, but phones that run Android are becoming more and more popular. Although I am a steadfast iPhone user, this new app for Android, Tasker Android looks like a must have for Android users.

In essence, Tasker lets you program your phone to do all sorts of little tasks that make it act like a digital assistant.

Turns off the ringer based on orientation or location

As this article points out, you can program your phone to go into silent mode depending on the orientation. For example, everytime you put your phone face down it will switch into silent mode.

Maybe you are diligent about turning off your phone when you walk into court, but why not have another reminder? If you carry your phone in your jacket pocket, consider programming your phone to go silent when vertical.

If you are really tricky, the application appears to allow programming based on location. If you program the locations of courthouses you frequent, it looks like you can tell your phone to automatically go into silent mode. You could also use this option to automatically switch over to airplane mode, which would hopefully eliminate any chance of a stray ring or beep from your phone.

Send text messages based on location

When I leave work, I almost always shoot my wife a text to let her know I am on my way home. With the Tasker app, you can program your phone to send a text based on location—like everytime you walk to your parking spot. This is not a game-changer, but it is a nice option to have.

If you are fortunate enough to have an assistant at work, you could also setup your phone to send a text to let them know you are on your way in every morning.

Lots of other options

There are plenty of other functions the phone can do based on orientation or location. For $6, it looks like a good buy and might even save you from some courtroom embarrassment.

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