Legal Marketing: Now with Sprinkles

It is tough out there for all of us. We need to keep thinking of new ways to attract — and keep — clients while managing not to run afoul of the thicket of ethical rules governing lawyer advertising. Most new questions, it seems, revolve around new-fangled things like soliciting clients via text message. But down in South Carolina, they try to get new clients the old-fashioned way: with donuts and beverage koozies.

Law Firm would like to pursue a practice referred to as “Donut Friday,” where an employee of Law Firm visits the Firm’s existing vendors (e.g., banks, real estate agencies, etc.) and delivers a box of donuts to these vendors. Included with the box of donuts are a dozen koozies bearing the name of Law Firm, as well as a fee sheet, a pamphlet containing information about Law Firm and its staff, and a coupon for $50.00 off Law Firm’s fee for a consultation or real estate closing. None of the marketing material is addressed or directed to any one person, nor does the material request that existing vendors refer business to Law Firm, although the intent is to receive referrals.

Only an ethics board could make the completely awesome practice of sending someone donuts, koozies, and coupons sound so stilted and boring.

At least the South Carolina Bar Ethics Advisory Committee came through and said that as long as you keep those sweet treats coming, regardless of whether the vendor referred clients that week, everything is cool. Thank goodness we can still woo prospective clients with sugar.

(h/t Brian Tannebaum)

Featured image: “Chocolate Donut Cartoon Character With Sprinkles Wanting A Hug” from Shutterstock.

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