LEAP Moves Document Assembly to the Cloud with Office 365’s Web Apps

When law practice management software moved to the cloud, complex document assembly didn’t go with it. In a nutshell, document assembly allows lawyers to merge client data into forms and templates to save time and avoid error. Complex document assembly includes the ability to use logic to select alternative provisions and fill in blanks, and takes advantage of deep integration with Microsoft Office—on the desktop, and usually only in Windows.

In other words, you could have the convenience of the cloud or you could have complex document assembly, but not both.

That just changed.

In a first, LEAP, an Australian law practice management software company that entered the US legal market last year, got Microsoft to crack open the online version of Word so LEAP could integrate its document assembly capabilities.

Now, LEAP users can merge letters, forms, and templates with client data right in the browser, using Word Online. It also means that Mac users, a group that has been historically excluded from early iterations of legal software advances, can take advantage of LEAP’s document assembly capabilities, because Word Online is platform-agnostic.1

Like the NetDocuments integration with the Office mobile apps announced in June, this is another big step towards being able to do all your legal work in a web browser. Everything is moving to the cloud, and complex document assembly needs to live there too.

  1. Users will still need to have LEAP installed locally on a Windows machine. 

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