Earning Media, Unbundled Services, & the Future of Legal Tech: Lawyerist at ABA TECHSHOW 2017

It seemed like Legal Talk Network’s microphones and video cameras were everywhere at ABA TECHSHOW 2017. Here are the guest appearances I got roped into. (I think there are more, but I haven’t seen them posted, yet.)

TBD Law and the ABA Journal: Legal Rebels Podcast, with Molly McDonough

How to Pitch to the Media and get Exposure for Your Firm, with Sam Glover, Molly McDonough, Elie Mystal, and Adam Camras

I really enjoyed being on a panel with Molly McDonough, Elie Mystal, and Adam Camras, and I think it shows in this recap we all did with Legal Talk Network‘s Laurence Colletti.

For the record, I said clueless pitch. With a p.

Don’t Be Afraid of Unbundled Legal Services, with Sam Glover and Shantelle Argyle

Shantelle is also a TBD Law alumna and on Episode #31 of The Lawyerist Podcast, she told us about her non-profit law firm. At TECHSHOW this year, I met at least one other lawyer who was inspired by Shantelle to build their own non-profit law firm.

The Most Interesting Things at TECHSHOW 2017, with Sam Glover, Dennis Kennedy and Steve Best

Dennis also discussed how technology can make law practice more satisfying on Episode #36 of The Lawyerist Podcast. Unfortunately, we haven’t had Steve on the podcast yet.

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