Keeping it Fresh: Your PPC Campaign Needs Love, Too

While there has been article after article about keeping fresh content on your law firm’s website or legal blog to help with your search visibility, there has been very little discussing pay-per-click (PPC) accounts and how to keep them fresh.

Like a website, if you build out a pay-per-click campaign, then release it and never check on it or update anything, it will become less and less productive after a certain time. It is essential that you manage your paid search with the same commitment you give to your website or blog.

You may be wondering, “but I am paying for it, why would Google let me drop if I am giving them money!?” Below are a few reasons why your account may lose traction.

You’re Out-Performed

Whether it’s organic search or paid, there will always be someone that wants to be in your spot and they are going to stop at nothing to get there. Paid search is as competitive for legal terms as organic so advertisers are constantly developing their accounts, adding more keywords, optimizing their landing pages and paying more, all in an effort to “beat” you. So you need to keep it fresh, keep massaging your account to ensure it continues to perform at the level you expect.

You’re Tired

The buying cycle for some potential clients can be longer than with others. So as they consider hiring an attorney, they see your same old ad again and again…and it wasn’t inspiring enough to click the first time. If your ad is served over and over and people aren’t clicking on it, your quality score may decrease. The same applies to the display network, if you are building banner ads they will run their cycle. So keep it fresh, tweak your messaging, test your ads, change and test your banners and test your landing pages.

Google Loves Change

As with their organic search engine, Google is constantly changing their paid platform and if you are not paying attention to those changes and improvements you’re bound to be left behind. For instance, a recent change rewarded top performers using proper sentence structure with a much longer headline. With this longer headline those ads could have an increased click-through rate, which could mean less traffic for you. To avoid missing out, try to stay up to date with Google Adwords changes.

While merely setting up a pay-per-click account can seem an ominous task, managing and testing one can push some over the edge! To avoid overload, try to start by keeping your campaign smaller and focused. If you know you need something larger you may want to consider a paid search management firm to build out and manage your accounts.


Troy Lightfield is a search marketing consultant with Attorney PPC. Attorney PPC provides pay-per-click solutions for law firms across the United States.

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