Keep Your Computer Running Smooth

Whether you are a solo practitioner or work at a big firm, computer problems can invariably slow you down. Even if you have an IT department, sometimes it can take hours before you are back up and running.

Once way to potentially avoid the major disasters is to maintain a regular cleaning schedule for your computer, whether you run Windows or Mac OS X.

Log out and shut down

Logging out and shutting down every night is good for two reasons. One, it should help clear your mind and give you a fresh start in the morning. Two, that process is good for your computer. Most operating systems do a variety of clean-up tasks during the shut down process.

I will guarantee if you shut down every night you will notice an uptick in your computer’s performance.

Spiff your Windows

If you do not automatically run anti-virus software, make sure you manually run it on a regular basis. Microsoft has free anti-software on their website.

Removing programs can also create issues. If you can, use the uninstall feature or removal feature that accompanies the program, rather than dragging it to the trash.

Run the built in defragment program can also help streamline your hard drive. For Windows 7, that program is available under the start menu.

Max your Mac

According to the editor of MacTech Magazine, most Mac users do not need to manually run any cleanup programs. Apparently, if left on all night, Macs will run the processes automatically during the middle of the night. If they are shut down, they will run the process on their own during the day.

That aside, I still do some regular cleanup on my Mac, and it tends to speed things up. Under Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility, click on verify and repair disk permissions. That tends to speeds things up, but may not fix any major problems.

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