Keep Track of Mobile Calls and Text Messages

Smartphones make it easy to work from nearly any location. Working outside of the office, however, makes it easy to lose track of billable time.

A new program, MobileArchiver for Outlook, will archive all of your mobile phone calls and text messages into Microsoft Outlook, making it easier to find billable phone calls.

How does it work?

The program runs on your desktop computer, not on your BlackBerry. It uses backup data from your BlackBerry and regurgitates into an easily readable format—Microsoft Outlook. Once you have backed up your phone, import the backup file into MobileArchiver.

Once MobileArchiver has grabbed the file, all of your phone calls and text messages are viewable in Microsoft Outlook, like they were e-mails.

Currently, the program only works with BlackBerry and Windows Mobile phones but says that other phones will be supported in the future. MobileArchiver has a free trial and if you elect to purchase the program there is a one-time fee of $29.99.

If you make lots of calls, it is worth the price

You can always look up phone calls on your phone bill. If, however, you make tons of business calls from your mobile phone, it would be a pain to go through your bill line by line and highlight each call. At a minimum, the program is useful because it will import the data into Outlook and make it easy to search and track calls.

I do not know many attorneys who use text messages to communicate with clients, but the same principle would apply.

The only downside is that you still need to know the purpose of the phone call. Most attorneys do not submit invoices to clients with a list of ten phone calls that all say “phone call to client.” You still need to track your phone calls elsewhere to ensure that you know the purpose of each call.

If you live on your smartphone, MobileArchiver can make it easier to track your calls and track your time.

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