Are You Helping Clients Achieve Their Goals?

Litigation attorneys engage in contentious battles to get the best outcomes for their clients. Many times, however, lawyers can get so engaged in the case that they lose sight of their client’s goals. Never forget that your job is help your client achieve their goals.

Always take actions based on your client’s ultimate goal

It can be easy to take offense to an action or email from opposing counsel. Shooting off a nasty response, however, generally only satisfies your emotional desire to get even. If anything, an over the top response could cause the other side to dig in their heels, making it even more difficult to resolve your case.

If your client is looking for a quick resolution, your inability to control your emotions may have just extended their case, which may cost your client more money in attorney fees and the ultimate settlement value.

Regularly keep in touch with your client

Keeping your client in the loop about their case is always helpful to building a strong attorney-client relationship. Regular communication will also keep you apprised of any changes in the client’s goals. Some clients start out dedicated to having a trial, only to pull a 180 a few months into litigation. If you do not learn of your client’s change in stance, you might end up pushing a case in the wrong direction.

Remind your client of their goals

Sometimes it is as simple as reminding your client what they wanted the first time they walked into your office. If you have a whiteboard in your office, even writing it down can help. Not only can lawyers lose sight of the end goal, so can clients. Revisiting square one can help both you and your client get back on the same page.

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