Google Calendar Rocks

google-calendarGoogle Calendar is very user-friendly, and very good at helping you manage your days. If you already use another calendar, consider switching over. If you do not already use a calendar—start using GCal immediately—it is that good.

5 Reasons Why GCal Rocks

  1. You can invite people to events or allow them to view your entire calendar with the click of a button. You can also easily make certain events private.
  2. It syncs easily with most popular smartphones.
  3. Even if GCal is not on your phone, you can tell it to send you SMS reminders of events.
  4. The quick add feature lets you add events as easy as “lunch with Randall Ryder at noon on September 23, 2009.” GCal will interpret your language and add it to the right day and time.
  5. It is free.

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  1. Avatar Bob S. says:

    I loved Google Calendar, but it committed the cardinal sin: dropping random appointments. For a long while, my wife and I used Google Calendar as the hub to link her Mac calendar with my Outlook at work (and, by extension, my iphone). But about 6 months ago, we started noticing that events that we had put onto our calendars kept disappearing.

    I’ve read varying reports of problems with this. Many people seem to trace it to Outlook syncing, but I’ve also read of others who have the same problem in other configurations.

    Since then, I’ve moved to an all Mac platform and we’re using MobileMe to keep Macs and phones in sync. I wish there was a cheaper solution, but it’s worth the cost of MobileMe for us to keep our busy lives in sync.

  2. Avatar Randall R. says:

    That’s the first I have heard of that—but that is definitely not cool. Did you have issues with GCal syncing to your Iphone?

    I also use MobileMe and I agree that if you are using Macs, I would spend the extra dough to get a MobileMe account. I am not a huge fan of Ical though, I think GCal is easier to use.

  3. Avatar Bob S. says:

    GCal synced to my iPhone through Outlook at my old firm. A change on the iphone would sync OTA to Outlook, which would then update GCal periodically. My wife’s calendar would then also sync with GCal.

    Ical/MobileMe is fine, IMO. But I agree with you that GCal offered a lot more flexibility and has a better UI. My main problem with my current setup is that all calendars show up on my iPhone. On the old setup, we used to keep appointments on different calendars and then would selectively sync some of the calendars. That way my wife didn’t have to look at my work appointments and I didn’t see hers.

    Ah well…

  4. Avatar Hani Bushra says:

    I love Google calendar, but the main issue that I have with it, is that when it syncs with a smart phone, it can only sync to limited time in the future. Therefore, my court dates which are scheduled way in advance are not on my smart phone. Has anyone found away around this?

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