Get Smarts About Your Smartphone

For many attorneys, the holidays bring a welcome temporary break in workflow. This can mean taking a trip to the inlaws or simply having more than twenty minutes of free time during the day.

If you are sitting around your inlaws or just find yourself with some free time in the office, this is a great time to learn more about your smartphone.

Talk to your IT department

Not every person who works in the IT department is a technology nerd, but they probably know more about your smartphone than you do. If you are lucky enough to have an IT department those guys and gals can teach you all sorts of neat stuff about your phone.

They might not show you how to build a house with your phone, but they can help with nagging problems—the little issues that add up over time—and your life will be that much better for fixing those problems.

Browse user sites on the web

If you are clueless about your phone, you might want to start here, with iPhone and Android dictionaries. The dictionaries will not teach you any new tricks, but they will bring you up to speed on the lingo for your phone. Learning the basic language will make it easier to search for specific topics on the web.

If you have mastered the basic language, try reading user sites on the web. Right now my personal favorite is Mac|Life, which has a great iPhone app. The most useful part is the “How-Tos,” which provides helpful tips for the stuff you have always wanted to do, but never knew how. For example, how to enable “Super” Passcode lock on your iPhone. Is that a game changer? Absolutely not. But it is a nice feature for lawyers and easy to do.


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