Get More From Your Network by Following Up

If your 2010 goals include increasing your revenues, expanding your client base, or bringing in new business, you will be seeking to expand your network of contacts and connections.

Whether you do that online through social media or offline through networking, bar association, or community events, you will probably meet potential clients, referral sources, and strategic partners weekly.

But what happens after the initial meeting?

If you do not have good follow up habits, you are probably leaving money on the table. In order to be successful, you need to be both consistent and persistent. In most instances, a single meeting is not likely to bear fruit. But how often do you follow up on that stack of business cards you collected at a networking event, despite your best intentions? When was the last time you touched base with your referral sources?

Take action in 2010 to change those bad habits.

Create a follow-up system and make it as automatic as possible

Your follow-up system should be in place before you give a seminar or attend an event. Determine when you will get in touch with new prospects or contacts and what you will say. Draft the follow up items and set a reminder or have your assistant send them at the designated time. You can personalize or ‘tweak’ individual pieces as necessary, but if you have them drafted and scheduled in advance, your follow-up will be almost automatic.

Entering contact information for your contacts and prospects into your database should be your first priority and the first step in your follow up system, whether you do it yourself, delegate it to an assistant, or outsource it.

(photo: Right About Me)

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