Get More From Google Docs

One thing I love about using Google services is that the company is constantly tinkering in an effort to make them better. Another benefit of Google services is that they are usually free and web-based, so you can generally use them from any computer. Google Docs is no exception and the service has just been updated with nice new features.

Collaborate with tracked changes

Google Docs now tracks changes to make it easy to see what your co-worker, or co-counsel, changed in a document. If there are multiple collaborators (quite possible in a law firm setting), each person gets their own color, and every change is color-coded based on the editor.

Google Docs, taking a cue from the defunct Google Wave, will also track changes in real time. If two people have the document open at the same time, text that is about to be moved or perhaps deleted will be highlighted for the other party. I am not certain this is incredibly useful, but I am sure there is a situation where that could be helpful.

More fonts

Google just added six more fonts for Google Docs, which is actually quite nice. If you are concerned with form and style (you should be), you have now more options if you draft pleadings with Google Docs.

Better spreadsheet functions

I use a spreadsheet maybe once or twice a year, and when I do, I use Excel. If you find yourself using or making spreadsheets on a frequent basis, try Google Docs. I am not sure it is on the same level with Excel yet. At the same time, most spreadsheets are fairly simple and could probably be drafted using Google Docs. Plus, it is free, so why not try it?

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