Get Your #LexThink.1 Bingo Card

LexThink.1 is 10 fast-paced presentations. Each speaker gets 6 minutes to present 20 slides — hopefully making a point in the process. If you haven’t been before and want to get the flavor of it, read my post about last year’s event. tl;dr: It’s great fun.

But, I am convinced, LexThink.1 would be even more fun if there were a side game for the audience. So this year, I’ve put together a bingo card. Or drinking game, as you please.

You can download a printable PDF, or find me before LexThink.1 gets started. I will bring a bunch of copies.

Please wait until the current presentation ends to shout BINGO.


  1. Avatar Aaron Street says:

    I predict that bottom-right corner will be hard to fill.

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