Generate Referral Business

Regardless of what type of law you practice, you can always hope for referral business from former or current clients. Crossing your fingers and hoping, however, is no guarantee that clients think highly of you and are willing to recommend you to others. If you are concerned about a dearth of referral business, try a couple of these suggestions.

Conduct client satisfaction surveys

Find out what your clients really think of you. This is best accomplished via email, or some other anonymous source. Try and limit yourself to four or five questions, one of those being “would you refer me (us) to another person?”

If the majority say no, then you need to start changing the way you treat your clients.

Say thanks

After fighting for months for a client, and receiving bundles of praise, it can be easy to forget to thank them. Make sure you thank clients for their referral business.

Along the same lines, thank other attorneys who refer business your way. I will be admit that if I refer someone multiple cases and they never take the time to say thanks, I am likely to send referrals elsewhere.

Speak up

If you grew up in the Midwest, this is easy to do. We keep our words to a minimum and generally hate self-blabbery. For personal integrity, that is great, but not for marketing. Step it up a notch, and tell people what you are doing, and why you are a good at it (without being annoying).

(photo: RealEstateClientReferrals)

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