Generate Publicity for Your Law Firm

Some people believe that any publicity is good publicity. Others think that an iPhone app is a great way to create hype (and hopefully business) for their firms. If you find yourself trying to generate some buzz for your firm, try a couple of these ideas.

Offer a free seminar

Give a free speech or seminar at the local community center involving your practice area. Talk about a recent development in your area of law, or perhaps a more detailed discussion on how your services can help your audience. Whatever it is, be sure to provide some valuable content to your audience.

Organize a happy hour

Organize a happy hour with other lawyers in your practice area. Even better, organize a happy hour with lawyers who do not practice in your area. This can be as easy as emailing law school classmates and putting something together. I am always amazed that I literally have no idea what type of law my classmates practice.

Hold an open house

Unless your office is a broom closet, there is no downside to hosting an open house. You can even hold multiple open houses and target different audiences. You could invite former clients to an open house one month, and hold another one the following month for neighboring businesses. Getting your name out there is never a bad thing.


  1. Thanks for the useful ideas. I’m in my 2nd week of my new law firm and looking for creative (and inexpensive) ways to get some publicity. I like the seminar idea.


  2. Avatar Cate says:

    Since going out on my own I’m relearning all this. Thanks for the idea of putting on a seminar. There are a number of colleges near me that would likely be interested in hearing about consumer rights and bankruptcy options.

  3. Avatar Bryan says:

    We have implemented both the seminar and the open house. The tail can be a little long, but effective.

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