Events for Marketing a Law Firm

Looking for some law firm marketing ideas? Consider hosting an event.

Whether it’s Red Bull’s flugtag or mission to the edge of space, engagement marketing has become a popular way for businesses to create meaningful experiences for their consumers.

And you don’t even need to parachute from the edge of space or crash-land in Lake Michigan.

Law Firm Event Marketing Ideas

Lead a Seminar

One of the most effective ways to demonstrate your professional knowledge and expertise is leading educational programs. Offering educational seminars to referral sources, people in your professional network and even the public can help you build recognition and credibility.

Here’s an example from Miller Canfield for employers on job safety issues:

Here’s another example from Mark R. Hanson on cruise safety:

Host a Blood Drive

You event doesn’t have to be related to your practice at all. Hosting community events is very effective in terms building local awareness.

More Event Ideas

Not into seminars and blood drives? You can get more ideas by searching for law firm hosted events on Google. Here are just a couple more:

Social Gathering

Food Donation Drive

Halloween Event

Getting Started With Event Marketing

Hosting an event can be a pretty big undertaking. It’s going to take a lot time and probably some financial investment. Obviously, event marketing isn’t right for every practice. But if you can pull it, hosting an event can help you meet new people in a particular industry or connect with people in your local community.

(From Hubspot’s Free Ebook: Fascinating Event Marketing Stats)

Law Firm Event Marketing & the Internet

The internet has made it much easier to get the word out. It is especially helpful in terms of building awareness for events. Most online social platforms have event functionality baked right in. However, keep in mind that the internet is just a tool, it’s not going to make your event successful without considerable leg-work. Usually, it makes sense to get some outside help in planning, publicizing and executing your event. It’s also usually a good idea to partner with a charity or professional organization that has experience hosting these types of events.

Here are two event marketing resources that you might find useful:
The Complete Guide to Link Building with Local Events (Kane Jamison)
Event Marketing From A to Z [Infographic] (Hubspot)

Has your firm ever hosted an event? How did it go? What would you tell other lawyers who are considering hosting events at their firms?

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