Establishing A Social Media Policy

For better or for worse, social media and networking tools are probably here to stay. And while these tools can be effective in building new professional relationships, and even increasing your search engine visibility, they are not without limitation and even some risk. Therefore, having a social media policy for your law firm just makes sense. Massachusetts lawyer, writer and media consultant, Bob Ambrogi, provides two great sources for getting started with developing a social media policy for your law firm:

  • Social Media Policies Database. From the Compliance Building blog written by lawyer Doug Cornelius, this collection of social-media policies grew out of Doug’s research while formulating a policy of his own. Over the years, it grew to include a variety of industries and company types and to reflect a range of approaches, from proactive to prohibitive.
  • Online Database of Social Media Policies. This collection is maintained by Chris Boudreaux, a social-media consultant who publishes the website Social Media Governance. The site contains 163 policies, which can be sorted by industry.

With the ABA’s review of social media tools for lawyers fast approaching, getting out in front of issues presented by the use of social media with an official firm policy is probably a good idea. However, developing a reliable, yet flexible, policy may prove more challenging than it seems at the outset. Interestingly, the first policy listed on the Compliance Building blog is that of the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division.

Does your firm have a social media policy? What do you think about it? Has it accomplished the purposes for which it was created?

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  1. Avatar Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorney says:

    We are actually in the process of developing a policy. I have found your CLE on 11/19 on the topic spot on, in addition to as a Law Marketers resource. Thanks Sam.

    -James Bellefeuille

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