Essential Marketing Strategy: Be Distinctive

Be unique, stand out from the crowd, do something different—however you phrase it, you know it is a critical part of presenting your business. After all, as a law firm you are your brand, and once you figure out what that looks like, you will be set.

I have put together my list of the basics as well as a few things that could help to make you stand out. In part 1 of these posts, I will cover the specifics of your identity, logo and business card.


Finding your identity means defining your market position and creating pieces that are a physical representation of that position. For example, if your firm’s position in the market is corporate employment law, you will likely look more refined and corporate, with images of board rooms versus a firm focusing on estate planning, which might use visuals of families retiring on a yacht. Generally, your identity pieces include a logo, color scheme, and tagline that all relate to your positioning.

Here are  two excellent resources for helping in developing these items:

  • Kuler is a website solely devoted to beautiful color schemes.
  • Logo Pond has a huge library of logos. For best results, click on search (top right corner) and search for “law”.

Business cards and letterhead

Now it is time to apply your identity to some useful tools you can present to the world. A few key things to keep in mind: use a professional designer, don’t be cheap, and strategically plan these things out. These items are going to support your client’s impression of you and therefore your reputation. In this digital age, offer them an elegant, thick letterhead that gives them a tactile experience of high quality.

Here are a few places to find inspiration for business cards:

  • Flickr Art of Business Card Pool and Inspiredology simply give you a pool of images of business cards.
  • Corporate Identity Designs and All Graphic Design have images of sets of cards, letterhead and envelopes to give you ideas of how to put it all together

Additionally, you might want to consider unique printing methods. Moo cards have been all the rage. It allows you to upload multiple images and print lots of different images in one pack of cards with your contact data on the reverse. Finally, if you want to create something completely unique and handmade, use the Etsy site where you can have an artist make handmade cards at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

Building your law firm and developing these items will take time and money, so within your plan, be sure to include a strategy for publicizing your new business as well as all of this hard work.

Karin Conroy
Karin helps lawyers improve their online reputation. Her firm, Conroy Creative Counsel offers smart websites for law firms. She has also been around Lawyerist since 2009, writing posts that have a smashing success, such as the Best Law Firm Websites series.

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