Ergotech One-Touch Free Stand Workstation Review

Sitting all day will kill you1, but standing all day will sap your productivity as you tire. The best solution for most is a sit-stand workstation — one that allows you to choose the right position for your energy level.

The Ergotech One-Touch Free Stand is a rock-solid, high-quality sit-stand workstation that raises and lowers with the touch of a button.

What I Like About the Ergotech One-Touch Free Stand

The Ergotech One-Touch Free Stand is built like a tank. It feels like you could use it to jack up your car, in a pinch. Unlike the Ergotron WorkFit-S and WorkFit-A (both of which I liked), typing on the Ergotech is essentially as stable as typing on a desk.

The quality is reflected in the price. The Ergotech One-Touch Free Stand system I tested2 is $1,165 on Amazon, but you’ll also want the $80 single-monitor mount kit (you can find two- and three-monitor mount kits, too). That’s well more than twice the cost of either of the Ergotron options. But as I said, it shows. The Ergotech One-Touch Free Stand is solid.

Apparently Ergotech doesn’t actually want you to buy its product from Amazon. You can get the best pricing from The Human Solution or ergobuyer, although I wouldn’t blame you for refusing to do business with a company with such silly pricing practices. —Ed.

Contributing to that solidity are the means of adjustment. Height adjustment by way of the motor is slow but simple. Just hold the up or down button until the work surface is where you want it. You can also adjust the monitor in all directions except for forward and backward (more on that below). And you can adjust the relative height of the keyboard tray, and tilt it up and down. Regardless what you adjust, it will stay put.

Here’s a video of the One-Touch Free Stand in action:

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I don’t love everything about the Ergotech, though.

What I Don’t Love About the Ergotech One-Touch Free Stand

Some of the things I don’t love about the One-Touch Free Stand are common to all the sit-stand workstations I have tried. For starters, the monitor is just too close. OSHA recommends a viewing distance of 20–40 inches. Whether I am standing or sitting at the Ergotech, there is barely 20 inches between my eyeball and the monitor, and that’s just not enough distance for my 24″ monitor. You can adjust the viewing distance a bit with the dual-monitor mount, but not with the single-monitor mount. If you use a decent-sized monitor, it will be uncomfortably close.

Speaking of adjustment, since you have to adjust the monitor mount manually, there is no easy way to raise and lower the monitor if you need a different height when sitting versus standing. This is a minor inconvenience, but it is difficult for me to find a height that works for both positions. With the Ergotron workstations, on the other hand, you can just reach out and raise or lower the screen.

And like the other sit-stand workstations I have tried, the One-Touch Free Stand takes up a lot of room on your desk.

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There is one build-quality issue, as well. As you can see in the picture at right, the points of the screws used to fasten the height-adjustment switch to the work surface are exposed. When I was setting up the workstation, I cut my finger on one of the screws.

There is no cable management to speak of, either. If you go with a dual-monitor mount, you do get some clips for the arms, but there is nothing to route cables down the back of the workstation. You can remedy this with some inexpensive cable tubing, but it’s a shame there is no built-in cable management.

Overall, however, the negatives are fairly minor and the only one that might stop me from buying a One-Touch Free Stand is the lack of viewing distance adjustment. But since all the sit-stand workstations I have tried have the same problem, that’s more a question of whether a sit-stand workstation is the right solution in the first place, or whether I would be better with a sit-stand desk like the Ikea BEKANT, instead.


The Ergotech One-Touch Free Stand is a rock-solid, high-quality sit-stand workstation that raises and lowers with the touch of a button.

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

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  1. But walking for 5 minutes every hour may reverse the effects. 

  2. I think that is the right one, but the Ergotech catalog on Amazon is confusing. 

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