Enhance Gmail’s Usefulness


Gmail is great and I would highly recommend it to any solo or small firm attorney. It integrates with Google Calendar seamlessly, it can be searched along with Google Docs, and Google is constantly adding new features. Here are a couple of great ones.

Stop erroneous emails before they go out with “undo send”

You can also extend the time on the “undo send” function. This function is available through Google Labs and it is very, very useful. Borderline must have for attorneys. Even if you double proofread every email before sending, we all mistakes.

“Undo send” allows you to undo a sent email. You can now set a 5, 10, 20, or 30 second delay on sending your emails. During that time period, you can hit “undo” and the message does not go out and allows you to edit it.

Especially if you find yourself sending emails without proofreading, this is a great feature to have.

Push notifications on your iPhone

Apple and Google are still at war, but Google services still work very well on an iPhone. If you download the Google Mobile App, you can access all of your Google services–mail, calendar, voice, Google Apps, etc.–from the same place.

That is the good news. The bad news is that your iPhone will access all of these services through Safari, which is slightly annoying. At the same time, Google has designed their mobile sites to essentially work as their own apps.

One great new feature is that you can setup Google Calendar and Google Mail to push notifications to your phone. For example, when you get a new email, a dialog box will pop up and tell you that you have a new email.

Sure, you can setup Gmail through the Mail program and get alerts that way too. For me, however, I use Mail for my personal email. I have no interest in mixing up personal email with professional emails. In addition, I do not want to get alerts everytime I get a business email. The great thing about the Google Mobile alerts is you can tell it to only send you push notifications between certain hours.

You can also get push notifications for your calendar events. Although Google Calendar integrates rather well with iCal, you can also get push notifications through the Google Mobile App.

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  1. Avatar Randall R. says:

    You can also now make calls from inside Gmail, and it does not require a Google Voice account.

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