How Eco-Friendly is Your Law Office?

Part of evolving your own practice is changing how you do things around the office. In part, that should include making an effort to keep your law office as green as possible. Here are some new tips to help make any office more eco-friendly.

Ask for a new thermostat

Lots of older buildings have old heating supplies and even older thermostats, which are not very eco-friendly. If you set the temperature to 68 degrees and it ends up at 80, ask for a new thermostat. It might not solve the problem, but it should help. The cost of new thermostat is not so prohibitive that your landlord can laugh at you.

Open the windows and close blinds

If you are fortunate to have a law office with windows that open, use them and turn off the AC. Depending on your office and your climate, this does not always work. But if you can do it, it’s an easy way to be more eco-friendly by reducing emissions. Not only will that help green your law office, but it can save you money.

The same thing goes for blinds. If the sun streams in, close your blinds. You can live without staring at the parking lot for two hours. It should also cool down your office, which means your AC does not have to work as hard.

Get an ecobutton

If you leave your desk quite frequently, consider getting an Ecobutton. Pushing the button puts your computer in sleep mode. Admittedly, sleep mode still sucks some power, but it is more eco-friendly than if your computer is standing around doing nothing. The Ecobutton is not exactly appealing to the eyes, but it might help you conserve power.

There are plenty of other ways to help green your law office. If you have any eco-friendly tips, please post a comment below!

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