Distinguish Yourself From the Pack

In this economy, it is easy to get down about the job market and feel sorry for yourself. Even people with jobs are constantly looking over their shoulders, wondering if they are getting outworked by someone else. Do not focus on what is behind you, but what is in front of you, and push yourself to stand out from the pack.

According to Jonathan Fields, Randall Ryder when things are at their worst, when success seems impossible. It is easy to fall into the pack and say “nobody has a job,” or “nobody will meet tomorrow’s deadline.” When things are rough, it is time to get tough and make a name for yourself. Be that person who is known for stepping up.

Pushing yourself to go the extra distance in networking, getting an interview, or writing the best brief possible will pay dividends to you and to others. Prove to yourself you have what it takes when others do not. Prove to others that when things are tough, you get tougher and have what it takes.

(photo: the name is Josh)

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  1. Agree. If you believe it, others will too. Our thoughts can become our reality. That is why it is important to believe you will succeed, and to think of concrete steps and a path to success. It is so much easier to do and to be successful – with what you love. Then, work is fun. Most of our personal resistance is in the beginning, to change or uncertainty. That’s when you have to push yourself. Do it, and it will get easier and more fun. And soon, you’ll make it look easy.

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