Dictate to Your iPhone

Sam recently pointed out the Nexus One’s ability to take voice dictation, so it is only fair for me to review a similar app for the iPhone, called Dragon Dictation. While the app works extremely well, I think it has limited usage possibilities.

Sam uses a dictation when he is working at home and needs to send an email while holding a crying baby. Another possible use is when you need to dictate something while driving (assuming your state does not ban cell phones while driving).

The main problem I have with dictating to a smartphone is that it still requires hands to access the app, and select where you want the translated text to go. For example, if you dictate while driving, you still need to use your hands to choose “email,” pick a recipient, and hit send. The translating is not all that fast either (allegedly because it sends your recording to a server, and then sends it back).

On the other hand, if you are not a fan of the iPhone’s virtual keyboard, the app will alleviate that problem. Or, if you happen to have a fussy baby on your lap.


  1. Avatar Greta says:

    My boss has started dictating memos into his iPhone and emailing them to me to type up, and so far it’s working great. I don’t know what gyrations he has to go through to get it sent, but it can’t be too hard or he wouldn’t do it. I found that the sound quality is great and I have no trouble transcribing it.

  2. Avatar Ben glass says:

    its not free but speak-write does a wonderful,job. you dictate to your smart phone and a human types ad sends a word document.

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