Develop Strong Client Relationships

Different lawyers have different approaches to client interaction. Some lawyers talk very little with clients after their initial meeting. Other attorneys take a more collaborative approach and involve clients nearly every step of the way, sometimes to a fault. Whatever approach you use, make a conscious effort to develop a strong rapport with every client.

Be honest, brief, and direct. You do not need to be rude to a client, but humoring them to avoid offending them is a waste of time. Explain that your job is to help them achieve their goals, but that certain approaches will not achieve the results they want. If a client’s case has little chance of success, tell them. Do not beat around the bush to avoid giving them a straight answer.

Do not talk to your client, talk with your client. Whether you talk to your client once a week or once a month, make sure you engage and listen to your client. Does the client have any questions? Do you still have a clear grasp of their goals? Are there any external factors in their life (financial issues, housing issues, etc.) that may change their initial goals?

Make yourself accessible. Even if you tell your clients you will keep them updated on their case, clients need to be able to reach you. Tell them how you prefer to be contacted about issues, and make sure they have that information. Even if you are slammed, make every effort to return client calls and emails within twenty-four hours.

Keeping in touch will strengthen your rapport, which leads to better representation, and better results!

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  1. Strong client relationships are key. I find that patience and candor are a great combination.

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