Keep These Three Items in Your Desk Drawer

My desk drawer is literally full of random little items. My coworker pointed this out to me the other day, and I explained to him that most of the stuff in there has a purpose. Some of it is just junk. But you may be surprised at the usefulness of these three items.

Paper Clips — Fix Your Flipped Collar

This one is mostly for the men: if the tip of your collar keeps flipping up, it means you are missing a collar stay. The collar stay is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a little piece of plastic that slips into the end of your collar to keep it in place.

This type of wardrobe malfunction drives me crazy. But there is a quick fix. Just take a large paper clip and put it where the collar stay should go. Voilà, you look acceptable once again.

A Pumice Stone — Get Ink Off Your Hands

As my office’s de facto computer guy, I sometimes end up changing the printer cartridges. That means I also sometimes get ink on my hands. When this happens, soap and water usually don’t do the trick. So I keep a small pumice stone in my drawer. As this video makes clear, if you rinse your hands and then use the pumice stone, it’s much easier to get the ink off.

Microfiber Cloth — Clean Anything

As a glasses wearer, I use a microfiber cloth to constantly keep my dirty lenses in check. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this little cloth. I also use it to clean my computer monitor and the lens over my laser mouse. A microfiber cloth can also be used to wipe down a scanner tray, watch face,
or any other sensitive surface. It’s also great for cleaning jewelry.



  1. Avatar Tom Seeley says:

    I’d like to add a Tide stain stick to your list. Like a pumice stone for your clothes.

  2. Avatar Tom Seeley says:

    Perhaps I should register copyright on that …

  3. Avatar Kevin Camden says:

    I recommend a pair of nail clippers, an emery board, screwdriver with reversible head/bits, and a small knife.

    If you are in a high-rise, I recommend a small flashlight, door wedge/stopper, and tool to break open a car window. Don’t laugh, these items may save your life if you have to evacuate from the 35th floor.

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