Damn Good Advice for Lawyers, from TBD Law, Part 2 of 2

At TBD2, the second edition of TBD Law, attendees were asked to share an idea, a lesson they’d learned, a best practice they had, or just some great advice. Here are some more of their best answers. (Here’s the first installment of damn good advice for lawyers).

Off-Hour Billing

Off-hour billing rates—clients can contact attorney at X rate from 7-7 but after hours is Y rate. Or – expediting fee or discount for flexibility in response times.

Flat Fees

Don’t quote ranges. Use flat fees: create “buckets” of services. Flex hourly rates based on clients’ (perception) ability to pay.

One Life to Live

Strive to live one life instead of a compartmentalized life.

Careful What You Wish For

Careful what you ask for, you might get it—when marketing works too well and exhausts your staff’s resources. Refine targeting quality over quantity leads.


The best way to get what you want from a court is to make it as easy as possible for the judge (and the clerks!) to give it to you.

Get Graphic

Tech productivity: Graphics and photos: Canva, twenty20, Death to StockStocksy, and Animato. Making legal information a whole lot more interesting, “sexy,” and user-friendly.

Know Your Banker

Know your banker personally even if it is a big bank, so when something bad happens, you have a point of contact to begin to fix it.


Know the difference between vision, goals, strategy, and tactics. Understand how they link to and support each other and make sure you are allocating appropriate attention to each domain.


Zapier is a great tool that works well with many platforms. Document automation is a must-have.


Say “yes!” at least five times a day.

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