Bring in a Steady Stream of Contract Work

Plenty of lawyers make careers out of being a contract attorney. One of the major downsides, however, is not knowing where your next paycheck will come from. Waiting by the phone can be a stressful experience, so try a couple of these techniques to keep your phone ringing and the money flowing.

Approach every job like it is a make-or-break experience. Just because you are a hired gun does not mean you have an excuse to put in 85%. Putting in 110% will make a good impression and make it much more likely you will get another call from the same source. Putting in the extra effort may also bump you higher on the list of people to call.

Try and develop a rapport with each client. Go into the job trying to forge a relationship, rather then trying to pay rent. If you are easy to work with and the hiring agency or client likes you, that makes you much more appealing then someone who is somewhat standoffish, but does great work.

Be kind to fellow contract attorneys. This is your absolute best source of referrals. They know the stress of not knowing where paychecks are going to come from. Make friends with your co-workers and they will be kind to you. Approach them like you are all part of the same community, not like they are your competition for work.

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