Satisfy Your CLE Requirement On the Go

cleonthegoThomson Reuters has just unveiled a free app for the iPhone that lets lawyers complete CLE courses on their iPhone or iPod Touch.

Over 2,000 courses are available for download.

The app, quite cleverly, also has random interaction that requires the listener to tap the screen to ensure they are actually listening. Of course, any clever lawyer can just play the program in the background, and tap the screen when they hear the bell.

The major upside is being able to stop and start programs, rather than committing an hour or two at a time. This method, however, may inhibit learning the actual material presented. The other downside is that you cannot network with anyone when sitting in a coffee shop on your iPhone.

If you need some quick credits, however, the app is a nice way to get them.


  1. Before dropping any money on the CLEs, make sure your jurisdiction allows CLE credit through video replays. In MN, for example, there has to be a live person available at some point during a video replay to answer questions from the audience.

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