Connecting to Clients with Mobile Apps

In today’s fast-paced legal world, it is important to seek new and innovative ways to connect with potential clients. So how do you go about attracting new business? Knowing how to brand your firm and draw in new clients without taking substantial time out of your busy schedule is a balancing act that every lawyer today must master to be successful. But what if there were a way to attract clients while simultaneously making your work easier?

As smartphones continue to become an essential part of daily life for most individuals, mobile apps have become important tools for businesses in almost every sector. With the rise of mobile apps, establishing and maintaining client connections is more straightforward than ever before. Focused, strategic branding through mobile apps can give your firm the exposure that it needs for future growth while facilitating direct communication between you and your clients.

Thanks to mobile apps, it is now possible for users to access information from practically anywhere, and lawyers are poised to benefit from this constant connection in unique ways that were previously unthinkable. For instance, a customized app can include your firm’s contact information and an interactive map with driving directions to your office, putting clients in touch with you at a moment’s notice. But this is just the tip of the iceberg for mobile app capability. Today’s mobile apps are fully customizable and have the capability to meet the specific needs of any particular firm or client base.

For example, a personal injury lawyer can provide clients and potential clients with an application that is extremely helpful in the event of a car accident. Many people may not even know what to do if they are involved in a collision. Gathering the necessary evidence from an accident victim, such as crash scene photos and insurance information, can be a difficult task. A customized app could provide a basic to-do list of items that a person should complete if they have an accident. This information, along with photos from the scene and voice recordings from witnesses, could be easily entered into the app and then emailed to your firm for review.

The instant connection provided by mobile technology gives clients and potential clients a level of protection and the peace of mind that they need. It makes it easy for people to contact your firm if they are injured, arrested, or otherwise in need of legal assistance. In addition, apps make a lawyer’s job easier by providing instant access to relevant client information in one easy location.

The basic idea of making your firm’s services available in app form can be applied to all areas of law. There are countless ways that apps can be used to attract clients at the touch of a button; if you can dream it, an app can likely be designed to do it. Contact lists, reference guides, emergency call buttons, games, and other interactive content are just some of the ways that apps can help to set your firm apart from the competition. Clients can effortlessly contact you and send information to your firm from almost anywhere, eliminating the need to seek out a wireless internet connection and a computer to send or receive files.

For those who are interested in creating an app for their client base, it is important to know that as of now (and this may change in the future), Apple iPhone app names are exclusive. This means, for example, only one app with the name “Chicago personal injury lawyer” will be allowed, and other firms will have to find variations or alternative names once that name has been reserved. Attorneys who catch on to the potential of mobile app technology early on could reap huge benefits by branding their firm through a mobile app. If your unique app appeals to users as a valuable, insightful, or handy resource, it could easily strengthen your relationship with clients and potential clients. The viral effect of mobile apps and other free or low-cost media in our society is an unmatched phenomenon.

While it is too early to predict the future impact of purchasing mobile apps right now, reserving your firm’s name or important keywords associated with your geographic location or practice area may prove to be valuable. Right now, users most likely do not use the app store to search for firms or legal assistance, but it is quite possible that as mobile app popularity continues to rise, searching within the app store may become as popular as searching within Google or other search engines. Some believe that users may eventually rely on app store searches to find businesses, services, and yes, possibly even legal assistance. If this shift occurs, those who have invested in quality apps with smart, search friendly names may reap the benefits of their early investment. While this may be a gamble in some respects, in the end, you will always have a helpful customer service application available to your clients.

The future of mobile apps is shaping up to be an exciting one. The ability to seamlessly share information and maintain a constant connection to others is an unprecedented possibility that has great potential in the legal field. As they become integrated into law firms across the country, apps may help lawyers effectively communicate with new and existing clients better than ever before. If you are seeking a convenient outlet to brand and personalize your firm to the public, a mobile app can be the leading edge that your firm needs to stand out among the rest.

Written by Joe Devine, CEO, Big Momma Apps, a division of Cloud 8 Sixteen, Inc.



  1. Avatar Taylor says:

    This is a fantastic idea. My firm will definitely consider using mobile apps to keep clients informed!

  2. Avatar Brad Cooper says:

    While I can see some utility and the “cool” factor, most clients won’t want this and it could be the next iteration of the overly expensive website. Whose first thought after being in a car accident is “I better download an app so i can find an attorney”?

    Will it be yet another way for attorneys to be overcharged for things they don’t need, that won’t be used and and that won’t return a positive ROI?

    But that’s just my opinion =)

  3. Avatar Bill says:

    @Brad I don’t think users are expected to download an application immediately after a car accident. The idea is that they will already have it in their phone and can use it if/when that event occurs.

    • Sam Glover Sam G. says:

      Why would they already have it on their phone? That seems unlikely, unless they already have a relationship with the firm, in which case the app would be unnecessary.

      I admit, I’m pretty skeptical of the need for firms to have their own apps without a pretty unique approach.

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