Computer Problems with No IT Department?

Working in the solo-small realm has lots of upsides, but when your computer crashes or you cannot get internet access, what do you do?

Many times, you can resolve the problem yourself in a matter of minutes. These solutions do not always work but they are worth a shot before calling the Geek Squad for some technology triage.

Computer is running slow or programs crash

If your computer is running slower than ever, try shutting it down and restarting. Yes, sometimes it is that easy. Same thing if a program is causing you problems—close the program and restart your computer.

You should also make sure your software is up to date. Many times, the issue you are experiencing is a widespread problem and downloading the new version can fix the issue.

The internets or the Google does not work

If you use Wi-Fi, are you connected to the right network? Depending on your settings, your computer might have jumped onto another network with a weak signal. If you think your Wi-Fi router is not working, try rebooting it. Yes, sometimes that does the trick, and it will save you an hour long call to tech support, where they will tell you the same thing.

If you think there is a problem with your actual internet router, try rebooting that. With Comcast, for example, if you call the tech support line, the first thing they do is reset your modem over the phone automatically. Many times, this is all it takes to get back online.

None of these moronic ideas work

Rack your brain and figure out who you know that is good with computers. It might be another solo, a relative, etc. The majority of computer issues can be fixed relatively easily and they might save you some frustration, time, and money.

You should also check out this article from Lifehacker that has lots of great tips.

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