Clio is Now Popular Enough to Have a User Conference

Lots of popular software companies have user conferences. Evernote is having its fourth one in a couple of weeks. There are WordPress conferences all over the world. Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo players get together every year at BlizzCon. But a legal software company? Can lawyers actually get fired up about their practice management software?

[vimeo= w=640]


The vibe of the 2013 conference as portrayed in that promo video is pretty accurate. There were about 225 lawyers in attendance, and the vast majority were definitely fired up about their practice management software. This year, there are about 450 attendees, and everyone I have met so far is pretty fired up, too.

Six years ago, when I first discovered Clio, I was just fired up to discover a cloud-based practice management software that felt like a “breath of fresh air” compared to the competition. Now, Clio is all grown up. So grown up, in fact, that ~450 people will show up to its user conference.

That’s pretty impressive.

I won’t be blogging from the conference like I did last year, but I will be teaching a session tomorrow.

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