How to Clean and Maintain Office Technology

The work of a lawyer makes it easy to forget about cleaning your office, and cleaning the technology you regularly use to get things done.

Here are some tips to keep things running smooth (and sanitary!)

When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard?

I know people who will buy a new keyboard instead of cleaning their current one. I also know people who have never cleaned their keyboard. Try and avoid both scenarios.

Your keyboard is one of the biggest germ repositories in your life. Think about how many times you touch your keyboard and then touch your face. Or touch your keyboard and eat something. Gross huh?

If you don’t think your keyboard is gross, check out this handy guide (with pictures) on how to clean your keyboard. Depending on your keyboard, a thorough cleaning can take some effort, but it is well worth it.

Keep that ScanSnap crystal clear

Cleaning your ScanSnap is easier than cleaning your keyboard and arguably more important. Fujitsu recommends cleaning your ScanSnap after every 1,000 scans. Depending on how frequently you use your scanner, that could be anywhere from every 3-10 months.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy and the cleaning supplies are relatively inexpensive. The telltale sign that your ScanSnap needs a good cleaning is when you start noticing dots or vertical lines on documents that do not actually exist. That usually means excess ink from a document has deposited onto the glass portion of the scanner. With a little cleaner, you can remedy that in no time.

Keep your computer running smooth

If you are fortunate enough to have an I.T. department, you can probably give them a call and ask them to defrag and update your computer.

If you are a solo or small practitioner, the good news is that keeping your computer running smooth is not that hard. Perhaps the easiest tip is to make sure you at log out or shut down your computer every night. It takes a few extra seconds, but it will make a difference in the long run.

You should also regularly use disk utility programs. Whether you run Mac OS X or Windows, both operating systems have easy to use defragmentation programs. In Windows, use the defrag program in the Start menu. For Mac users, you can run the disk utility program in your utilities folder.

Running these programs every couple of months will help maintain your computer in both the short and long term.


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